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Garlic Attack
Ooh boy, this one looks lethal and she isn't even a senshi yet. This appears only in her first Picture Diary special. How she uses her garlic breath against vampires...

Luna-P Henge
Chibi Usa uses this to make Luna-P transform into another object. Could it be saying "Luna-P Change"?

Luna-P Magic
This is a tad different from Henge. She uses this to make Luna-P produce an object without transforming itself (i.e., the flower-toy for Ami in ep. 62).

Abracadabra Pon
This is the manga equivalent of Luna-P Magic. These are the "magical words" that helped Chibi Usa in her down times. However, I think she outgrew Luna-P, which was only a toy (;_; they grew up so fast).

Moon Princess Halation!
This is used only once and jointly with Sailor Moon when they battle with Death Phantom. She uses this with Neo Queen Selenity's shortened cutie moon rod (or manga equivalent of the anime cutie moon rod) that she gave her. 

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Her first henshin (transformation) phrase. She turns into Sailor Chibi Moon saying this and using her Pink Moon Crystal/ginzuishou. In the manga she doesn't say this in her first transformation since it was the birth of her power and it was unexpected. In the anime, she appeared in her senshi fuku already transformed. The henshin is shown in the anime as a simple turn and suddenly she's standing in her fuku. The "full" transformation is in the S movie, which was hilarious.

Double Sailor Moon Kick
Another joint attack with Moon. It's a simple kick to the enemy.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Um... a rather admittedly weak attack consisting of pink sugary hearts which simply pelt the enemies... But still cute! She uses this excessively in the anime, and even that doesn't help much. In the manga, it's used only twice, with the moon stick that Luna-P transformed into.  Still, I like this attack a lot. I even have a little theory that the hearts are made of pink sugar.( o.O?). Here's my, uh, proof: Chibi Usa hording the stuff. BTW, red/cherry-flavored Pixy Stix looks just like pink sugar... 

Crisis Make Up!
She transforms into her Super form using these words. She transforms this time with a second holy chalice alongside Super Sailor Moon.

Rainbow Double Moon Heartache!
This is her joint attack with Super Sailor Moon against the monster daemon Kaolinite (I think that's how it's spelled) turned into. It is used with her heart moon stick (I usually call Moon's a rod--it's larger-- and Chibi-Moon's a stick--it's not as bulky in size)

Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack
This is the father-daughter attack. They hold her moon stick and attack the snow dancers (this appeared in the Kaguya-Hime no Koiboito manga). Very funny to see.

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
Her transformation phrase to turn into Super Sailor Chibi Moon in the manga. Both her and Sailor Moon get this power up when their holy chalices don't work anymore (with the senshi living apart after the S manga). It's a tad different from simple "Crisis Make Up". This is also the one she uses in the anime.

Twinkle Yell/Crystal Carillon
She uses this with her Crystal Carillon, a little bell, to call forth Pegasus in times of crisis. (Appears much in SuperS) She also says a little speech along the lines of "Please, Pegasus, protect the dreams of everyone".

Stallion Reve (or is it Stallion Sphere?)
This is the little crystal orb that Pegasus appears in when he communicates with Chibi Usa.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation!
This is a joint attack with Super Sailor Moon. Both mother and daughter use this with their Kaleidomoon scopes/Moon Kaleidoscopes (which really look like blunt, bladeless swords to me). The power and weapons were given to them by Pegasus after their new henshin power ups. The weapons themselves were transformed from kaleidoscopes that Mamoru bought them. (Isn't that sweet.)

Moon Crystal Power!
This is her transformation phrase for turning into Sailor Star Chibi Moon. She first uses this to also give power to the newly born Eternal Sailor Moon to defeat Nehelenia.

Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss!
Her last attack, used in the Stars manga. (All I know is that a Pink Lady is a cocktail drink.)

Pink Heart Crystal & Space-Time Key
This is Chibi Usa's crystal, placed in her brooch. She sometimes wears this around her neck (I think that's what it was) on a chain with the Space-Time key that was given to her by Pluto (there is also a point in the manga where it says Chibi Usa stole it from Pluto).