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Chibi-Usa is first introduced in the North American run of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon in episode 53 ("Serena Times Two"). In this episode, which commences the Black Moon Family storyline of Sailor Moon R, Chibi-Usa appears, rather unexpectedly, from a time portal right above where Usagi and Mamoru are standing, locked in a deep embrace. Small Lady falls about ten feet, knocks Usagi out of Mamoru's arms, and ends up smooching him instead. Quickly regaining her composure, Chibi-Usa demands that Usagi give her the ginzuishou, making her point clear by shifting her Luna Sphere into a tiny pistol. Usagi is stunned by Small Lady's strong resemblance to herself, and is further taken aback when this little sprite says her name is Usagi as well. Once she realizes that Mamoru and Usagi haven't any knowledge of the ginzuishou, Small Lady fires her pistol at Usagi, and swiftly vanishes. Usagi pulls the rubber dart off her forehead, utterly perplexed at what just happened. This, however, does not end Usagi's woes. Upon returning home, Usagi wants nothing more than to relax and forget the turbulent events which the day has brought her. Instead, much to her dismay, who should be standing with her family, looking through photo albums, than the pink-haired moppet! Even worse, her family seems to think this girl is her cousin, come to visit for a few weeks; the pictures themselves have been altered to show Small Lady in just about all of them. Without fail, Chibi-Usa quickly seeks to cause no end of trouble for Usagi and her friends, constantly harassing all of the Senshi for the ginzuishou. Soon, however, humans in possession of dark powers begin to seek out Small Lady, and the Senshi must confront these villains.