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Hmm, okay.  Let's try to analyze Small Lady's romances. First.. let's see.  She likes guys with horns.. her father, and ah.. people who have abnormal hair colors.  That's a little farfetched, even for a 902 year old.

The first time she meets Elios, (Or Pegasus) is in a reoccuring dream. (SuperS). This is strange to Chibi Usa at first, but then Elios talks to her and gives her the Stallion sphere. A globe like thing that she can talk to him too. Well... their relationship develops, and she discovers that she loves him, while saving him from a rapturous blaze.. they kiss after that.. even when Elios is in horse form. That is a slightly disturbing image.  Elios even then discovers that Chibi Usa is Lady Selenity.. and then.. they get hooked up! .. But, as disaster would have it.. Elios in the end; ends up giving his life for Chibi Usa to live.. from Nehelenia's attack.

Oof. I didn't really see the SuperS movie... so I don't know about this one.