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[ January 20, 2001 ]

Weird clique added.

[ January 17, 2001 ]

Fixed broken links.. x.x Finished all the pages..

[ January 15, 2001 ]

Welcome to "Dreams of Litany". I've been working night and day to get this site as easy in navigation as possible, and finally have done it. Thanks to Anyway, if you haven't noticed yet by now, this site is featured on the princess of Neo Crystal Tokyo; Chibi-Usa.  Or, for you statistics.. Lady Selenity II.  By the way, I hope you are an otaku for pink! Also.. some pages are not finished.

Site Menu

Introduction - Introduction to Small Lady.

Weapons and Attacks - Mainly a page about Chibi Moon's items and attacks she uses while battling.

Forms, Statuses - About how and into what she evolves... and simple statistics.

Romances - Loves of Chibi Usa.

Black and Wicked - When she turns into Black/Wicked Lady.

Friends - Best friends and friends of Small Lady.

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