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As for forms, I'll try to go in chronological order:

Chibi-Usa/Small Lady
I don't know if these are really different at all, but this is her normal form. As a human... until she grows to Lady Selenity.

Sera (Or Seeraa) Chibi Moon
She turns into Chibi Moon (for the first time) quite abnormally, it was actually a sort of accident. Er...yeah.

Black Lady
This is quite abnormality in the flesh.. you might as well go to 'Black and Wicked'.

Suupa Chibi Moon
Er, I think this occurs at the end of SuperS, when Super Sailor Moon goes Eternal.

Sailor Star Chibi Moon
The title alone makes really.. no sense. A star of a small( or secondary?) moon.  But then again, it does. This occurs in the Stars episodes.

Lady Serenity
This... occurs in the far future.. I have to look up on this, but she appears in this form numerous times in the manga.  Not much in the anime.

Neo Queen Serenity II(??)
Probably won't ever happen, as Usagi will probably outlive her family.

Facts.. you probably already know.

Tsukino Usagi (her full name); Chibi-Usa ("Little Usagi" or "Small Lady") I prefer to call her by 'Small Lady' because 'Chibi' can be considered derogatory.

Cancer. Astrologers consider Cancerians to be nurturing, emotional, sensitive, conservative, and home-loving. Astrologers say Cancerians are artistic, have vivid imaginations, and have highly developed memories. ( That's for Personality.) Professions associated with the sign Cancer include ones related to domestic activities. These include hospitality, cooking, and catering; childcare; real estate; and writing or other jobs that require imagination. [ from ]

June 30. No telling when in the year, she may be over 900 years old.

Most Favorite Food
Pudding.  She asks Makoto in the manga to make her this frequently.

Most Favorite Subject
Drawing.  In one episode, (SuperS) she talks with an artist who tells her to keep up the work.. (Some useless information.)

First Appearance (Japan)
Episode 60.  I don't know much about the Japanese version. But...  in the NA version, she appears in episode 53, "Serena(Egh) Times two".

North American Names
Reni (Bleh..). Why they chose to change it to this, will remain an unsolved mystery.

Favorite Colors
Red and pink. ..I try to mix it up around here at the site.

Blood Type
O. ...Something about O's can relate to there personality.  I have to look it up.

Least Favorite Food
Carrots. ..That's irony for ya.

Least Favorite Subject
Japanese.. Irony times two.