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Righty. Onto friends. ..Let's go one by one.

Hmm.. I think Chibi-Usa's best real friend.  She comes from the future in some (I know I'm farfetched) bizarre way with Pluto's help.. to save Usagi.  I know I'm rusty on this.  After that espionage, they become really close friends. She even refers to Pluto /
Setsuna as 'Puu'.  Setsuna even shows that she cares for her, in some episodes. Also, Pluto even gives Chibi-Usa a Time Key thing sorta, so that she can travel in time.

Well.. this is sorta a long story. Yaddayadda. In the SuperS.. Chibi Usa notices Hotaru fainted on a street.. she wines and calls someone.. and then they become friends. Woo. I have to research on this one again.